At Abstract Marketing we offer you a complete package of marketing components and guides to reach the Chatham-Kent area. Our extensive knowledge of what works in the Chatham-Kent area is not biased by who we are working for – because we are working for you!

If you call the local print media, radio stations, or electronic media outlets they will confidently tell you that their medium will be the best for your business. The reality of the Chatham-Kent market is that you need just the right “mix” of all these venues coupled with a customized branding of your business, organization, or event.

Not only will we design your logo, print material, website, and promotional items but we will show you how to get discounts on advertising, run contesting, collect data from your clientele, communicate efficiently with your client base, and so much more.


An average marketing coordinator working for the Municipality of Chatham-Kent, Union Gas, or the Chatham-Kent Health Alliance usually has a starting salary of over $60,000 including benefits. Most small and mid-size businesses just cannot afford to have a position like this on payroll. We offer your company a marketing co-ordinator for four hours per month...
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Direct Mail

Although we always encourage our clients to use electronic methods of message delivery, there are times when direct mail is more appropriate. If you need to send out your new fridge magnet, scratch ticket promotion, or high-gloss sales flyer, we can help! We have a database of over 260 direct mail lists that target specific...
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Media Releases

One of the most affordable ways to create a buzz about an event is through a media release. This is not just limited to large social events – media releases which are handled properly, can be used for sales events, small gatherings, or small local programs being offered to the public. We have the most...
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Abstract Marketing is proud to produce the AgMag, the CKSenior and the CKChild magazines. We produce over 2 million pages of print between the three publications on a average year. We strive to provide 100% original, local content. We enjoy connecting our readers to our outstanding local contributors, and the many businesses that call Chatham-Kent...
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