An average marketing coordinator working for the Municipality of Chatham-Kent, Union Gas, or the Chatham-Kent Health Alliance usually has a starting salary of over $60,000 including benefits. Most small and mid-size businesses just cannot afford to have a position like this on payroll. We offer your company a marketing co-ordinator for four hours per month (usually a morning or afternoon).

What can be done in four hours? Plenty! We request the business owner or the business owner’s representatives complete and undivided attention. The initial evaluation is done at your place of business, but most subsequent sessions are held off site. Your marketing coordinator will not only sit down with you to develop a marketing plan for the year, but will also create and share templates for individual sales events or marketing campaigns. During that time we provide a concentrated method on how to:

  • Get discounts on advertising in the Chatham-Kent area
  • Get the best value for your advertising dollar in the Chatham-Kent area
  • Partner and cross promote with long standing local businesses
  • Build your e-mail, direct mail, and media release databases
  • Align your business with a local charity
  • Develop your company newsletter
  • Run low/no cost marketing campaigns
  • Develop Staff/Sales/Client contesting and incentive programs
  • Build your e-network
  • Create a loyalty program
  • Enhance your business and use advanced marketing strategies for C-K

We offer our expertise to only 30 local companies at any given time. This can be on a three, six, or twelve month contract (rates based on length of contract). We insist that certain criteria be met as a business must be ready for the influx of business that will be generated by working with us (These include having your staff trained, your equipment and facility in good repair, your product or service ready to deliver, a willingness to learn, and accountability to timelines). Unfortunately we do not work with companies or organizations unless these criteria are met, which is determined after a detailed on-site evaluation is performed (no charge for evaluation).

We currently have a waiting list for this service. Please fill out the form below and your request will be processed in sequence. Within two business days we will send notification of receiving your request and will book an on-site evaluation (due to demand, evaluations can be booked up to 16-20 weeks in advance, most evaluations are booked 4-6 weeks from when a request is made).